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Darleramos Sweetheart of Danlowe


My cattery is called Danlowe. I raise short hair Scottish folds. My primary queen is a brown patch tabby and white (I call her calico, but CFA has their own way of naming colors). Her name is Darleramos Sweetheart of Danlowe. We call her Sweetie, Momcat and B*tch cat. She has gold eyes and folded ears. She has had several litters. Her mate is Darleramos Frisco Kid, better known as Frisco. He is a smoke gray and white with gold eyes and straight ears. Frisco and Momcat have produced seven folds and four straight ear folds. Colors have ranged from dark tabby to white. Two of her daughters have just had their first litters. Lady Chloe is a dilute calico with gold eyes and folded ears. Her mate is Pippy and he is a smoke gray and white straight ear with gold eyes. They produced four babies this summer - two folds and two straights. Cinderella is white with smoke gray tail, ear and back patch, odd eyes (one blue and one gold - no deafness) and straight ears. Her mate is Studley Elvis who is cameo and white with folded ears and copper eyes. Cindy's first litter was a single kitten - a carbon copy of her (except eyes). Waylin has been raised with Chloe's kittens (both moms nurse each other's babies) and even though there is a two week age difference, he is quite able to hold his own in the most serious wrestling matches.

I don't have the personality needed to show cats.

We are registered in CFA, TICA and members of the International Scottish Fold Association.

I have a partner in Baltimore, MD. Her cattery is Darleramos. She raises both short and long hair and is associated with CFA and TICA. She shows her cats. She can be reached at Edie P O Box 5152, Baltimore MD 21224.


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